Your Silverlining Hope Coach

Dr. T. David Willets

Dr. Willets has real-time experience on the topic of grief. He has served in local church ministry for more than 35 years. His educational training is in the area of pastoral care and counseling.
In 2004, David’s wife of 27 years and 18-year-old daughter were killed in an automobile wreck. Through this painful experience, along with his training, Dr. Willets brings sound psychological, spiritual and applicable expertise to those on the journey of grief.

Welcome to Silverlining

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Silverlining Video Series


Video 1: “Why did this happen to me?” (PREVIEW)

Everyone is hit by the storms of life. Your storm probably came with little or no warning, making it that much harder to understand. In this video we explore four life principles that many people have found a pathway to “making sense” out of their painful experience.



Video 2: "There are different types of storms." (PREVIEW)

Grief invades the soul when someone or something significant to us dies. You will be introduced to the “grief monster” in this video. No matter whomever or whatever has died in your life, it is necessary to wrestle it out him. He won’t just go away.



Video 3: “My storm changes from hail to rain to wind.” (PREVIEW)

Just as a thunderstorm can shift back and forth in it’s powerful display of turbulent weather, so the journey of grief can travel on emotional roads on which you may have already been. We will discover, in this video, an unexpected gift that emerges from the wide range of emotions in the grieving process.



Video 4: "One Rainbow Size Does Not Fit All" (PREVIEW)

All storms eventually move away. In time, a rainbow of healing will begin to appear after your painful storm. But who is to say when that rainbow can start shinning in your life? This video offers encouragement on grieving at your own pace and in your own way, not the way others think you should.



Video 5: "Preparing for the next storm." (PREVIEW)

Other storms of various intensities will inevitably come. Being prepared to face them is the focus of this video. Like building a strong house designed to survive the toughest weather, you can withstand whatever storm may batter your life if you use the best materials, from the foundation up.